Dominican Republic Independence Celebration in Harrisburg

By Robert Collado
Today Wednesday February 5th The Capitol of the City of Harrisburg  was adorned with the native colors of the Dominican Republic in this event that exalted Dominicaneity, its people and culture. 🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴

The State representative Danilo Burgos, First Dominican Representative to be elected with a charge of this importance before the Harrisburg City Capitol and he’s office organized this event along with state representative Tarah Toohil and other Representatives across the state area, in commemoration of the Independence of the Dominican Republic.  In his words of welcome Danilo Burgos highlighted the importance of Dominicans in this area and the great contributions we have been making to make Pennsylvania a Model State in which people feel the desire to come to live.

 Prior to the official event Danilo Burgos explained that the state of Pennsylvania was exposed to losing its representation before the US Congress but thanks to the large number of Dominicans and Latinos who are coming to Pennsylvania this changed completely.  He stressed that Dominicans come here to work, pay taxes and be good citizens, good neighbors and humble people who make the places they step on better places to live.
 During the official ceremony of the event, Representative Burgos acknowledged the commendable work that the Dominican House of Hazleton has been doing throughout the Hazleton area and surrounding areas for 15 years now.  For this reason he give an special recognition to Mr. Victor Perez President of Dominican House of Hazleton.  Similarly, other institutions present were recognized for their excellent work in representing Dominicans in Pennsylvania.  Like in the case of the Dominican Association of Pennsylvania, with offices in the city of Reading.
 State Representative Tarah Toohill representing the Hazleton area was also present during this event.  Where She highlighted the great impact and important contributions that the Dominican community has been making in the Hazleton area.  She mentioned that the statistics position the Dominican Community in Hazleton among 80/85% of the total population of the area.  She thanked us for the opportunity to be present and invited to continue working  towards a better community where everyone can show their culture.
 Thanks to the Governor of Pennsylvania Tom Wolf for allowing us to come to Harrisburg to celebrate this event of such importance to the Dominican community  in the state of Pennsylvania.

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