National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Director Dr. Anthony Fauci said it is possible that the COVID-19 outbreak “may go into another season” and potentially bring the world closer to developing a vaccine.

The member of President Donald Trump’s coronavirus task force told Laura Ingraham on Fox News Tuesday night that it would be “quite a while” before a novel coronavirus vaccine was available, but sounded optimistic about its development.

Fauci also said he would take an existing drug to test its effectiveness in treating COVID-19, but only as part of a clinical trial.

Speaking to Dr. Fauci about hydroxychloroquine, a malaria drug President Trump called a “game changer” in the battle against the coronavirus outbreak, Ingraham asked: “Heaven forbid something happened to you, you got a positive coronavirus test and you fell ill, would you feel comfortable taking one of these new anti-virals such as hydroxychloroquine?”

The expert on the spread of infectious diseases said he would take the drug as a part of a clinical trial.

“I’m not so sure Laura, just to clarify, that I would necessarily take one of those drugs,” Dr. Fauci later added. “I would take a drug that was on a clinical trial. Some of those drugs that you’re mentioning are available within the context of a clinical trial.”

He added that the same drugs could be received from a physician for other purposes not related to the novel coronavirus, such as malaria and autoimmune diseases.


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