Espaillat warns Trump’s intransigence endangers the United States and foresees peaceful transfer of power


NEW YORK._ Dominican Congressman Adriano Espaillat warned on Monday that President Donald Trump’s intransigence in not complying with the results of the November 3 elections that gave Democrat Joe Biden the victory, puts the United States in danger, but said that a peaceful transition of power is anticipated on January 20, and there is no way otherwise because the constitution is the most powerful legal instrument of Americans and voters.

“It is very strong that President-elect Biden is not given access to classified security reports, which endangers our nation because traditionally the president-elect is granted that right,” he explained.
He recalled that the same Republican senators are advocating for access to Biden and have criticized the Trump administration for its intransigent and unconstitutional attitude.

He described as unusual the allegations of the false fraud who has not presented a single credible evidence and classified as “strong” the blockade that the president maintains to access to which Biden is entitled to high-profile information and reliable data on the spread of the pandemic .

“His legal team has even abandoned him, turned their backs on him, so this is how the American-style right to kick is popularly said,” Espaillat added.

He said that without a doubt, the United States will have a new president and that is why the Democrats remain calm and collected.
“President-elect Biden has handled himself with height and elegance and we look forward to celebrating his victory and his promotion to the United States Government,” said the congressman.

The federal legislator representing the 13th district of New York in the House of Representatives spoke about the situation of blockade that Trump maintains in an interview with blogger José Zabala, editor of zabalaaldí

Miguel Cruz Tejada

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