Lantigua ensures Gonzalo will win the presidential race in the first-round before the Secretary of Cults PLD-NY


By Esteban Cabrera

New York: With the participation of evangelical leaders and the secretary of Cults in NY for the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Alexis Lantigua, member of the Political Committee (CP) had a memorable afternoon.

The peripheral body of the party (PLD-NY) successfully held an act of support for the candidate Gonzalo Castillo.

The opening with the hymn of “LA RAZA INMORTAL” of 1J4 caused emotions. The first to speak was the Adventist minister and university professor, Lic. Lilliam Banner. She began by praying, but at the same time expressing her love for the country and what the hymn of June 14 means to her. “I am shocked to hear this patriotic hymn,” said Christian PLD leader Liliam Banner.

Alexis Lantigua, a member of the (CP) and Administrative Vice Minister of the Presidency, recounted the success of the Danilo Medina government. When he referred to the PLD candidate, Gonzalo Castillo, he assured that he is already comfortably high above the main opposition candidate.

“The polls give a sure winner in the first round: Gonzalo Castillo, while Gonzalo go up and his main opponent falls in the vote intention measurements of the most credible polls”

“I want to recognize the work capacity of the Secretary of Worship in NY, we always take the credit for being a winning, organized team and who integrate our brothers of faith into our organization,” concluded Alexis Lantigua.

For his part, the state president of the New York branch, Frank Cortorreal said that the triumph of Gonzalo Castillo and the PLD is guaranteed and called to do what he says: “to work.”

The general coordinator of the Secretary of cults for the PLD in NY, Gregorio Malena, referred to his party saying: “the PLD carried the death of the opposition”

” Who died? The one caused by the opposition when impeded the elections on February 16 and then they accused the government. It was an aberrant act that harmed the PLD who fought with his right hand tied. Even so, the people came out to claim their Extended hours and surprise visits, and in the end, the Central Electoral Board advice about the winning of the purple party in 21 provinces and the PRM just with 11 demarcations, “said Pastor Gregorio Malena.

He expressed that today the PLD is united with its candidate Gonzalo Castillo who is in the heart of the people, a candidate who has a sure victory. For her part, the evangelical minister and president of an intermediate committee of the PLD in the state of New Jersey, Tanny Dumit, who has an extraordinary participation with a direct message to the woman, also added that she feels the security of the victory of the PLD candidate Gonzalo Castillo, whose humility has won the admiration and full support of the Dominican people. The M.C (master of ceremony) was pastor and doctor César Vargas, President of the UNION OF PASTORS AND Ministers of NY.

The PLD managers: Gregorio Malena
Fausto Mora, César Vargas
Lillian Banner
Tanny Dumit
Nicolas Angustia
Joe Baez
Juan Sosa
Daniel Andújar
Ivelisse Concepción and José Polanco
The evangelical minister of Washington DC, Ingrid Guzmán, was also present.


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