Unions, Faith, and Progressive Groups Hold Massive Rally at Independence Mall to Protect The Results


Labor, faith, and progressive groups that led the work to turnout Philadelphians to vote in record numbers to celebrate historic accomplishment

WHAT Rally & March–Voters Decided: Good Things Happen in Philadelphia
1:00pm: Speaking Program
2:30pm: March beginning at Independence Mall going to the Federal Courthouse at 6th and Market

WHO: A coalition of 50 national and local labor, faith-based and social justice groups, including UNITE HERE, SEIU, PFT and POWER

WHERE: Independence Mall

WHEN: Saturday, November 4, 1:00pm

Philadelphia—As the election results becomes decisive, thousands of Philadelphians will take to the streets in front of Independence Hall on Saturday at 1:00pm to celebrate and demand that the results are protected from interference.

Millions of Pennsylvania cast their ballots—in person and by mail—and choose the path they believe our nation should take. Now, union members, clergy and thousands of supporters make sure all votes are counted.

Union members—many who are essential workers from Black, Brown, and immigrant communities—were instrumental in driving voter turnout for Philadelphia. They turned out in record numbers in the 2020 election—standing in line for hours to vote, traveling far to drop off mail-in ballots or applying weeks in advance for absentee ballots. Now, they will not allow their votes and the votes of their community members to be discarded. Just like they have fought on the frontlines to protect the rest of us from the COVID-19 pandemic, they will fight now to protect our rights and to ensure that the candidate we’ve chosen as a nation is the one who is sworn in as our next President.


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